The Corpulent One

The Corpulent One- God of Obsession and Want- Pictures of the Corpulent One are often depicted as an extremely fat man’s upper body with the lower half of a giant slimy white maggot. The Corpulent One is selfish, hedonistic, and ruthless.

Those that worship him tend to be merchants, thieves, nobles, or those who live opulent lifestyles.

Weapon: Heavy Mace

• Never eat just enough to be satiated; stuff yourself and reveal in it.
• If there is something you want, then take it. If there is a dispute, take it anyway. If there is a further dispute and it is worth fighting over, do so. If not, leave it alone to live another day.
• Remember you first- others are secondary.

1) The Warrior Priest is able to summon a sumptuous banquet that will feed 6 people. If any more attempts to eat at the table the food instantly vanishes and the invaders are struck with an insatiable hunger for 1d4 days. The people eating must stuff themselves for over an hour. At the end they must make a constitution save or become ill.
2) The Warrior Priest grows suddenly into a gigantic maggot and thrashes around and gains all the benefits and drawbacks of the monster. He also gains a natural armor bonus of +2.
3) The Corpulent One fills everyone with a need for something that someone else around them has. If this happens during combat the current motivation for conflict ceases and a new one for the item(s) begins.
4) The Warrior Priest is blessed with the ability to barter better then ever before! He receives +4 to any persuasion based roll for the next 24 hours. Look at that winning smile!
5) The Warrior Priest is able to touch someone and cause them to have such an insatiable want it drives them mad. The target must succeed on a Wisdom save or gain 1 insanity point and fall to the ground lamenting not having the object for 1d4 rounds.
6) The Warrior Priest vomits the food eaten by the Corpulent One in a 30ft radius. The area is treated as being extremely slick and smells absolutely disgusting. Targets must make a Dexterity based save or fall prone. Those that succeed move at ¼ normal rate. Targets also must make a Constitution Save or become ill, suffering – 2 to all rolls.
7) The Warrior Priest is extremely hungry. His jaw unhinges in a strange obscene manner and he is able to eat a creature of Medium size or Smaller on a successful grapple check. His stomach bulges strangely and the target suffocates in Constitution score rounds unless they cut their way out. After which the body vanishes and the Warrior Priest doesn’t need to eat for the creatures HD days.
8) The Warrior Priest weapon glows (if using weapon of the Deity)- They get a +20 on their next attack.

The Corpulent One

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