Kingdoms of Hubrs


The history of Hubris is bloody, chaotic, and fucked up. The nations have all waged war against one another at one time or another. Currently there has been an uneasy truce that has lasted 10 years after Esenbar waged a savage war against both Fairweather and Klind. There was no clear victor and a treaty was reached.

Tensions are still high as the nobility of Fairweather descends further into madness at the behest of their strange god, The Twisted One. The Klind sacrifice innocents to a maleficent old Serpent God, Semmis, and take raiding parties into the outlying areas of the surrounding territories. Esenbar priests send small forces to the outlying territories to burn the contaminated, the sick, and the unworthy on a righteous pyre in the name of their all controlling and wrathful god. Ingvar wages war against savage Frost Giants and strange creatures of the frozen north. While at truce with Fairweather the Realm of Ingvar is growing wary of the strange state that the Nobility of Fairweather and wonder how much longer it will be before they have to take sword and axe to their southern neighbor.

Political: Monarchy with a small parliament ran by “elected” nobles. The current king is Byron Murray. He is completely inbred, brilliant, but prone to violent mood swings and temper tantrums (think of Ephialtes from 300).
Nature Information: As upper England and lower Scotland.

Political: Rigid Theocracy. High Priest of Drellic is anointed by divine visions granted to the top clergy. High Priest Altor is current leader of Esenbar. He is older and battle scarred and wields great power of the divine. He is completely devoted to bringing the word of Drellic to all heathens.
Nature Information: As upper England and lower Scotland.

Political: Klind is ruled by a powerful sorcerer king, Suvious Ra, who is able to wield terrible spells. Neither Fairweather nor Esenbar have dared crossed the blazing desert to take on this menace. The people of Klind live in fear of becoming a slave or the next sacrifice to Semmis.
Nature Information: Egyptian; vast desert to the north with fertile lands to the south.

Political: Ingvar is ruled by the warrior king, Baldur. He is known to be fair as one can afford to be in such a savage and hostile environment. His line is passed from father to son, but can be challenged at any time with a duel to the death.
Nature Information: Upper Scotland mixed with brutal Scandinavian winters.

Political: Saltmarsh is an independent town and haven for the exiled, criminals, or those brave and crazy enough to live in such a dangerous environment. The town is ran by the conniving magistrate, Vollrath of Scrodd. Saltmarsh has no real law except for a marshal who attempts to keep some form of peace. Fairweather has an outpost on the eastern edge of the swamp and a small garrison in Saltmarsh, but their authority isn’t recognized in town.
Nature Information: Louisiana Swamp/Bayou.

Kingdoms of Hubrs

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