Hubris Class Descrptions

Fighter- Battle and blood are your companions. The exhilaration of running someone through with your blade brings a smile to your face. The glint in your eye, the steel in your hand, and the armor on your back make you a formidable foe.

Ranger- Large groups of people make you uncomfortable and you find the city life stifling. You roam the wilds for solace or perhaps to keep your neck out of a noose after you killed that bar wench for throwing mead in your face.

Rogue- You are a rat. A vagabond. A thief. You steal either for the thrill or need. You probably owe too much money to a crime lord for whoring it up too often in his territory. Maybe you are just seeking riches in the depths of an ancient tomb hoping for that one big break. More often than not, your kind often strung up over the city walls as a warning.

Barbarian- You are a savage. You are as raw and primal as the elements themselves. You revel in conflict and death. If you live to see another sunset you eat, you drink, and you fuck. Society’s intricacies are alien to you, and you don’t much care. It is an annoyance you deal with till the next battle, the next feast, or the next wench.

Monk- You are an oddity in the chaos that is Hubris. You embody control, elegance, and what can be obtained through constant meditation, abstaining, and control. Everyone thinks you’re a fucking weirdo and doesn’t understand that kind of dedication.

Alchemist- People come to you for powders and potions, hoping it will cure what ails them. Whether it does or not is entirely up to you. You have the power and knowledge to make amazing alchemical concoctions, but you may just be a snake oil salesman and selling bottled goblin piss and cow farts as a cure for genital warts. You also have the dreadful knowledge to turn yourself into a terrible monster. Careful or you’ll get stuck that way… freak.

Sorcerer- You are a necessary evil in Hubris. Sorcery has aided the nations of Hubris in the past, but it has also been the downfall of many an empire. You toy with things truly beyond your comprehension. The life of a Sorcerer is often short. Most seek fame, power, and wealth only to end up a mutant or set to the pyre by religious nut ball that are afraid you’ll end up a mutant. You may be able to wield the power of the cosmos and summon strange fucked up creatures to do your bidding, but that hoard of peasants are going to beat you with sticks and then set your ass on fire.

Druid- You aren’t a peace loving, tree hugging hippie. You are a savage of the wilds. Uncultured and primal; you’re calm as tranquil as a fine spring day and your wrath is a hurricane. All this mixed with your strange animalistic powers and is it any wonder people fear the wilds.

Warrior Priest- You are a zealot, plain and simple. You believe so fervently in the righteousness of your god that you take to the streets and proclaim it at the top of your lungs, hoping to convert others to your religion. All gods are recognized as existing in Hubris, but adhering to one god’s mantra is generally the norm and it is your job to make sure those simpleminded fuckers follow your god’s will.

Hubris Class Descrptions

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