Murder Machine


Name: Gamma
Description: Androgynous 5’0"
Totally covered with a Large Brown Stained Cloak covering him entirerly when in public
Occupation: Enforcer
Class/Race: Murder Machine
Level: 1 > Murder Machine Title: Trooper HP: 4 AC: 17 = 10 + MurderMachine(+4) + ThickPlating(+2) + Agility(+1) Alignment: Chaotic XP: 15 Next Level: 30 Initiative: 1d20/1d16 + Agility(+1) <> (1d20 + 1) – One handed and (1d16 + 1) – Two handed
Languages: Common

Platnium: 0
Gold: 75
Silver: 0
Copper: 0

Ability Stat Bonus
Str: 16 +2
Agility: 14 +1
Stamina: 15 +1
Personality: 7 -1
Int: 13 +1
Luck: 14 +1 <*****>t Wear Armor

Mighty Deed of Arms: Prior to any attack roll, a warrior can declare a Mighty Deed of Arms, or for short, a Deed.
This Deed is a dramatic combat maneuver within the scope of the current combat.
For example, a warrior may try to disarm an enemy with his next attack, or trip the opponent, or smash him backward to open access to a nearby corridor.
The Deed does not increase damage but could have some other combat effect: pushing back an enemy, tripping or entangling him, temporarily blinding him, and so on.
The warrior’s deed die determines the Deed’s success.
This is the same die used for the warrior’s attack and damage modifier each round.
If the deed die is a 3 or higher, and the attack lands (e.g., the total attack roll exceeds the target’s AC), the Deed succeeds.
If the deed die is a 2 or less, or the overall attack fails, the Deed fails as well.
Refer to the Combat section for additional information on Mighty Deeds of Arms (see page 88).

Murder Machine Rules